How to create a professional website

Step by step guide on how to build a WordPress Website in 2018

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems use by millions of people online to create a beautiful looking website with no technical skills required. This book covers everything you need to build your website from finding great WordPress themes, how to register for a web hostings account and steps on how to build your WordPress website from scratch

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
  • register your domain
  • installing WordPress
  • customizing WordPress

  • Adding Posts/pages
  • installing themes and plugins
  • launching your WordPress website
  • set your website for Search Engine Optimisation
  • How to promote your WordPress website
  • Tools you need to make the process easy

SEO and Internet Consultant|Founder and Blogger|Sally Kamara

About the auther

Sally Kamara is a blogger, entrepreneur, internet marketer and founder of LB Internet Consultancy (a digital marketing company). Sally Kamara is a graduate at university of east London where she completed her combined business degree in 2013.

She has been blogging for few years to date on range of online websites such as magazine websites and consulting websites. You can follow Sally Kamara on all major social networking websites to get live updates and latest posts.

Book Chapters

Learn more about the chapters in the book. With this book you will learn step by step process on how to build your website whether for personal use or how to develop and grow your business by having your own website. Because WordPress is a content management system, the platform has become the most dominant force online now powering 28.8% of all websites.

Introduction to WordPress

This section gives you an introduction to WordPress, what is WordPress and how the content management system started that has now become the most prominent platforms use by millions of people to create a beautiful looking website.

Getting started with WordPress

this section explain the steps and process required to research your topic, decide on a domain name, hosting provider to use and which one is best for your website as well as how to install WordPress to your hosting provider.

Setting up WordPress

This section explains the fundamentals on how to login to your WordPress website, familiarisation with WordPress and its dashboard as well as the basic settings that you will need to create posts and pages

Installing theme/plugins

This chapter demonstrates the stage on how to install theme and plugins. Plugins extend and expand the functionality on how your website should look like whilst themes is the template required to design your website to a professional standard.

Customising wordpress

this section teaches you how to customise your website so it feels right to the people. With WordPress customisation you can set your menu, permalinks, modify tags and taglines, themes, plugins and widgets.

Launching your website

this section demonstrate the process and stages that is required to publish your post, plugins you need for seo, backing up your website, managing and maintaining your WordPress and security measures you need to protect your website from spam and hackers.

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